Eligible Grant Recipients

The following factors are considered by the IIS Committee when determining whether a grant
requestor is qualified to receive an IIS research grant:

  • •  Appropriate credentials, education and reputation (including valid medical
       license, lack of FDA debarment/disqualification and disciplinary action by a
       professional licensing body)
  • •  Demonstrable relevant experience, including publications in peer-reviewed
       journals and prior research
  • •  Clinical or research background, training and knowledge of disease or
       therapeutic area in which the research will be conducted
  • • Ability and potential to successfully conduct the research for which the funds
      are requested (including staffing and site resources)
  • Ability to provide scientifically compelling and/or novel research to Eisai
Ineligible Grant Recipients include, but are not limited to

  • •  FDA debarred /disqualified or federally excluded individuals and organizations
       or individuals or organizations with disciplinary action by any professional licensing
  • •  Institutions who have been previously awarded IIS grants but who have not fulfilled
       their contractual obligations to Eisai