Frequently Asked Questions

Which products and investigational compounds are included within Eisai’s IIS program?

Please click the following
link to learn about Eisai’s current areas of research interest. All Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) application requests and proposals must be in compliance with Eisai's policies and procedures in the categories and for the Eisai marketed products and investigational compounds described on the website and must be in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations and Eisai policies and procedures.

What type(s) of support does Eisai provide?

Eisai provides support in the form of funding and/or drug supply to eligible applicants to support scientifically compelling and innovative research consistent with Eisai’s therapeutic or clinical interests and to address legitimate medical or scientific questions impacting/relating to the use of Eisai marketed products or investigational compounds.

How do I apply for IIS support?

We encourage you to complete your application using our online templates. Click
Getting Started to obtain an outline of the information needed for your application. Please feel free to Contact us if you have any questions regarding the submission or review process.

Who should I contact if I need information regarding the Investigator Initiated Studies program?

We are happy to assist with any questions regarding our application and review process. You may
Contact us by phone (866-434-8176) or email ( for assistance.

Who reviews the proposal?

A Committee comprised of Eisai Medical, Legal, Regulatory, Safety, and Statistics will review your application and proposal. Funding and/or drug supplies are provided based on scientific merit and consistency with Eisai’s scientific areas of interest, as outlined on the
IIS Home page.

When and how will I be informed of the Committee's decision regarding my proposal?

The IIS Committee meets monthly
to review and discuss proposals. Completed applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled IIS Committee meeting date. In general, you should expect to receive an email communication from us within 2 to 3 business days following the IIS Committee meeting. If you have questions regarding the status of your proposal, you may contact us by phone (866-434-8176) or email ( for assistance.

In order to ensure a complete and timely review, we ask that you please include all fields on the application form along with a detailed budget, if applicable.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the comments or status of my proposal?

If you have questions regarding the status of your proposal, you may
contact us by phone (866-434-8176) or email ( for assistance.

How do I submit an IIS proposal for review?

Please click on
Submission Procedures for additional deta
ils. The following is a checklist of items required as part of your submission:

   •  Cover letter on institutional letterhead with principal investigator signature
      and title of IIS request

  •           • The request letter must include the following information:
  •           • The subject line of the letter should read as follows: “Subject: IIS Request;
              <Product Name>;
    <Study Title>
  •           • A statement requesting funds and/or drug supplies
  •           • A short description of the IIS request
  •           • A statement declaring to whom the funds should be paid to (provide contact
             and address details)

  •           • Tax ID number of the institution
  •           • Signature of the principal investigator
  •           • Include full contact, phone, fax, address and email information

   •  IIS Request Form

   •  Budget spreadsheet(s)

   •  Hard copy of principal investigator CV and CV for all sub-investigators, to
      the extent applicable

   •  Copies of current professional license for principal investigator and all
      sub-investigators, to the extent applicable

Applications may be submitted to us via email at or by mail at the following address:

IIS Coordinator
Eisai Inc.
Medical Affairs Department
100 Tice Boulevard
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey 07677

What information needs to be included in the study budget?

If you are requesting support in the form of funding, we encourage you to utilize our online template. A
sample study budget is also available for your reference.

Please note that Eisai does not provide funding for capital equipment or personnel/salary costs.

If you have any other questions regarding submission of the study budget spreadsheet, you may
contact us by phone (866-434-8176) or email ( for assistance.

Who do I contact if I experience difficulties accessing the website or submitting a proposal?

If you have questions regarding the website or submission process, you may
contact us by phone (866-434-8176) or email ( for assistance.

Feedback & Questions:

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding FAQ's, please contact us via email at