Eisai’s Statement on Independence

Eisai provides funding for independent Medical Education Grants. Eisai does not control or provide input on the development of the educational content or the selection of presenters, moderators and attendees for the programs which it funds. Grant recipients maintain complete independence with respect to content development and delivery and are responsible for conducting programs in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

Grant applicants must not have been involved in any activities related to the promotion of any Eisai products for two (2) years prior to the submission of their grant request. Educational grant requests which involve vendors providing both accredited ME and promotional services (but who have not provided such services to Eisai within the 2 year window) may be approved only if the Committee determine that any conflicts and potential conflicts of interest have been adequately minimized by the vendor’s structure or practices (e.g. appropriate firewall exists). Applicants must supply written documentation of the existence of sufficient internal firewalls to prevent the deliberate, or unintentional, sharing of information acquired from promotional activities or performance of grant-supported activities by those who have provided promotional services in the window of time identified above.