Eligible Organizations

  • Eligible Organizations include, but are not limited to:

  •     •  Body or a representative from an ACCME-accredited provider
  •     •  National/regional medical/scientific organization
  •     •  University or other teaching institution
  •     •  Hospital or similar healthcare facility
  •     •  Third-party medical education company that is either itself accredited or is
            affiliated with an accredited CME provider
  • Ineligible Organizations include, but are not limited to:

  •     •  Individual healthcare providers or groups of healthcare providers in private
  •     •  Organizations that have been previously awarded an Eisai medical education
           grant but have not provided the required budget reconciliation
  •     •  Debarred institutions, organizations or groups
  •     •  Requestors involved in any activities related to the promotion of any Eisai
           product for two (2) years prior to the submission of their grant request
  •     •  Vendors who have provided, either directly or indirectly, both services or
           support for
    accredited CME programs and activities and Eisai’s promotional
           activities or programs
    within the two year period immediately preceding the
           request for funding.